Easy Ways To Improve Your Figure

Even famous women celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Gwyeneth Palthrow have figure flaws. The trick is that they have professional clothing designers and artists to help them disguise them. And, too, many celebrities just hop in the Rolls and drive over to their favorite plastic surgeon for a nip here and a tuck there.
The rest of us are not so lucky. We could use a little help when it comes to disguising our figure flaws. So here are a few tricks to downplay some of Mother Natures (or Ben & Jerrys) mistakes and help you make the most of your figure and the great thing is that none of them will leave a scar on your gorgeous skin (or bank account!).

Belly Bulge

Practically every woman over the age of 12 worries about the size of her belly and freaks out at the first sign of a pooch. An easy way to camouflage a belly bulge is to choose boxy blazers that skim over belly bulges and rolls rather than more form-fitting styles. Cropped shapes that sit at the top of your hips and have sleeves that are three-quartered are great for making belly bulges disappear! Luckily, this jacket design is the epitome of style right now, which means they are easy to find and wearing them shows you have your fashion PAs and QAs down pat.

Big Hips

Full-figured women can easily trim pounds off their hips by choosing cowl-neck sweaters. They make hips look slimmer by bringing the upper body into balance with the lower body. In effect, a great cowl-neck sweater creates an optical illusion that takes inches off your hips, and much more easily and comfortably than surgery. Tunic tops made from silk are sexy too. That they do not make you feel as if you were choking all the time is just an added bonus!

Thick Waist

Try an empire-waist tunic top or dress if you have a thick waist and want to hide it. Choose V-necks too whenever possible; they help draw the eye away from the waist, as well as focus attention elsewhere. Fortunately, the tunic top never really goes out of style and is a very hot fashion item right now, as are all things 60s and 70s. Plus, this is a style lets you get in touch with your ultra-feminine side because they are just girlie. So make the most of this chic fashion trend to disguise a thick waist and be stylish at the same time!

Large Bust

A very easy way to downplay a large bust is to wear an unstructured cardigan sweater. Unstructured sweaters have the advantage of being easily dressed up or down, which makes them an important item for every woman’s wardrobe too. Sweaters styles that have buttons are most often designed for women who only wear a B cup (or maybe even smaller, but who knew?). Sweaters that need buttoning will just stretch and pull, making your bust look even larger than it is! And that is the last thing a full-figured gal wants, isn’t it?