Natural Weight Loss That Really Works

Natural weight loss can be accomplished easily with the right frame of mind that says; “A diet is not a temporary measure, but a lifestyle change”. Changing a few things here and there permanently will have more effect on a person’s weight and general health, than taking drastic measures that result in an unhealthy body and outlook on life.

Change the way you think about diets

Sadly, more often than not, people think of losing weight with diets that last only for the short term then get totally surprised when the weight comes back. They enjoy the short term benefit, with short term goals and then blame the diet, rather than themselves, for reverting to back to their old eating habits that result in the weight coming back. And so the yo-yo weight loss diet game begins.

First, you must change the way you think about the word “diet”. Diets, over the last 50 years, have come to mean a short term change in meals for losing weight. But, according to the dictionary, its original meaning was “manner of living” which includes the foods a person needed to eat to sustain life. Once you get past the idea that diet means “temporary measure”, you can get on with learning about natural weight loss strategies.
Avoid prepackaged foods

When you go to the grocery store, elect to shop only in the natural foods areas, such as the vegetable and fruit bins, meat counter and dairy area. Avoid the delis, bakeries, center aisles and frozen foods.

All of those foods in some way, have chemicals and byproducts that are not good for you, and have taste enhancers that may encourage you to eat more. Besides, foods in their natural states usually taste better and cost less than the packaged stuff.

Create Balance in your Life For Natural Weight Loss

Your mental and emotional states are directly related to how you eat and the condition of your body. Emotional stress can increase a hormone (cortisol) in the abdomen, this actually ads to your girth even if you are not an excessive eater.

Reduce stress in your life wherever you can for instant relief and natural weight loss. If you are an emotional eater, you may want to seek assistance to find another way to deal with your emotions that will be healthier and have a lasting effect on your mindset and weight.

Get Moving

The best, and most natural weight loss, is to get your body in gear. Whether that’s taking evening walks, heading to the gym or a combination, get going. Natural weight loss is best accomplished by feeding your body the foods it needs to stay alive and healthy, as well as exercising to stay that way.

Any short term diet that takes away any of the important food groups in combination with exercise, may result in muscle loss. This will defeat your efforts by causing your body to go into “survival mode”. This is when the body actually stores fat to protect itself. Eat for life and feel alive with exercise.

Burn fuel wisely

If you elect to exercise along with changing the foods you eat, eat the right foods to support your routine. Use the Food pyramid to know which foods and how much of each you need to eat to be healthy. If you plan to gain muscle and lose weight, eat the following foods and amounts of each to support losing weight naturally:

  • 9 to 12 servings of healthy carbs
  • 3 to 4 lean meat proteins and beans
  • 2-3 low fat dairy. (Keep in mind that non-fat dairy products tend to have added sugar for taste so that negates the fat reduction in the products)
  • 7 to 10 nutrient rich vegetables and fruits.

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You can lose weight naturally and healthfully, by providing what your body needs to stay alive. If the body feels it’s starving, or it detects a lack of certain fats or nutrients, it will defeat your plan to lose weight by stockpiling fuel to survive. Give your body what it needs to stay alive, and you will actually lose weight naturally with very little effort and sacrifice.